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Welcome to Norfolk Electric Adventure

Suppliers of E-bikes to suit all needs of travel

Whether it’s commuting,  cycling on Marriott’s Way or a simple trip around our beautiful countryside using an E-bike as a main method of transport comes with a host of benefits that both your body and wallet will thank you for. Other than being great fun, it boosts health and helps save money on fuel, road tax, train and bus fares in the long run.

Norfolk Electric Adventure has partnered with established trustworthy brands that are designed and built in Europe where E-biking has been developed over fifteen years. The Europeans have been cycling in mass and have an understanding of high quality bikes. This means development into E-bikes has produced top of the range cycles. Norfolk Electric Adventure are local experts offering a wide range of E-bikes. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the trade and we provide a wide range of services at competitive prices. Speak to our team for more details.

We have demonstrators in store for you to have a try. Test the right bike for you and your needs. If it’s an off road bike for those muddy rides or a commute into Norwich we have the right bike for you. No need to leave home! Just a call to get our professionally built bikes delivered to your door.

At Norfolk Electric Adventure we provide servicing and warranties for piece of mind.

14 days free insurance on new bikes with Bikmo

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Myth Buster

E-bikes are here to stay, and will play an increasingly important role when it comes to cycling uptake. While a bit of electric assistance is an obvious benefit to some riders, among UK cyclists there are still some misconceptions about what E-bikes offer, and the potential benefits they provide. So, let’s look at the facts behind half a dozen E-bike myths...

You Don’t Get Fit Riding An E-Bike

Here’s the first thing you often hear: you’ll never get fit/lose weight/improve your cardio on an e-bike. However, modern E-bikes are actually termed ‘electric assist’, so you’ve still got to spin your legs, with the electric power simply helping to maintain a higher speed. Of course, your workout isn’t quite as exhausting as on a non-electric bike, but the actual differences in health outcomes are less significant than you might think.

E-Bikes Are Complicated

Certainly there are a few extra bits and pieces to an E-bike but, underneath it all, it is still a bike with established components and technology that hasn’t changed for decades. If you can cope with fixing punctures, setting up gears or adjusting brakes on a conventional bike, you’ll still be able to enjoy doing all the same on a E-bike.

E-Bikes Are Only For Old People

Last year, a YouGov survey commissioned by Shimano asked 13,412 people across Europe about their cycling intentions and views about E-bikes. It revealed that 8% of Europeans already owned an E-bike; 17% said they were more likely to purchase or use an e-bike than during the previous year; and 11% revealed that they no longer ride pedal-powered cycles alone.

E-Bikes Run Out Of Power Quickly, And Then You’re Just Left With A Heavy Bike

Not only does selecting the level of electric power you require have a bearing on your long-term fitness goals, it also affects individual rides in an immediate way by limiting how far you can ride with assistance. The more power you use, the shorter the distance (range) you can cover with the electric motor contributing. On minimal power settings, though, many E-bikes are quite capable of an assisted range of 100 miles or more.

Riding An E-Bike Is Cheating

If you are planning to use an E-bike to compete at the Tour de France then, yes, that would be cheating. But that doesn’t apply to the vast majority of people thinking about riding one.

E-Bikes Are Big And Clunky

E-bikes don’t have to be much heavier than non-assisted bikes, and among many manufacturers, the integration of technology in terms of e-bike user interfaces has been impressively intuitive. But that level of design has also extended to frame construction, and battery and motor integration.

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